Treats Redefined

I know we think giving our grand-kids and our kids (even babies!) donuts, candy, and other sweet foods is a treat and that we are doing them a favor, but it’s not. It is exactly the kind of thinking that is causing this country’s epidemic of obesity. Getting kids used to sugary sweet foods is setting them up for a lifetime of craving sweets and feeling like they deserve them…when they are down, to celebrate important events and to reward themselves for doing well or being good. I am not judging, I did it with my kids too. It is the norm in our society. It is SAD, really, that is what it is referred to, The Standard American Diet (SAD). What if instead we got the message that eating well-- eating “good for us” food-- is the reward?

After all, when we do, we look and feel better…what could be better reward than that?